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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Juming museum 朱 銘 and Yehliu 野柳

I first encoutered Juming's sculpture in front of the National museum in Singapore. A few "people" sat on a bench who looked like they were jostling with each other. I supposed I didn't appreciate his art then. However, after a visit to his museum, I began to see things differently. His sculptures are very rugged and his Taichi series are exhibited all over the world.

Juming started from very humble beginnings. His life history can be found here:

The Juming museum can be reached via Guo Dao Ke Yun Taipei station or Taipei city art museum, take the Jinshan Ke Yun get off at Jinshan station and then take a cab. You can also take the Juming museum bus from the Taipei art museum 台北市中山區中山北路三段181號之1 , Zhongshan section 3 No. 181-1. The bus has only two starting times 840 and 1310. The return journey is 12 noon and 1730. If you take this bus, the fare is 400 Nt inclusive of museum entrance fee and return fare. You can call 24989940, ext 1704, 1706. It opens from 10 till 6 pm, close on Mon.

We decided to visit Yehliu geopark since the last time I was there was 1991. So we took the 12 noon museum bus and alighted in the Jinshan town. We visited the old street where all the buildings were very old and under conservation. Here there's a street market, shops etc. The restaurants serve pretty decent crab, prawns, clams, fried toufu, vege etc. You choose your food, pick it up when it's cooked and go eat in a different place, maybe upstairs or in another room.

From the street, we went to the bus station, took the bus that goes to Yehliu, (it plies between Taipei main station and Jinshan youth centre). It was a short ride from Jinshan to Yehliu. The place to alight is at a small town once you see the Yehliu words. Otherwise, you would miss the stop.

Back in 1991, there was no exhibition hall or major food stalls. There was a seaworld kind of show though. Last weekend when we went, the place was really touristy. Adults need to pay 50NT to enter. There's a video that's worth watching though. It talked about how the different rock formation came about, in English, mandarin and Japanese. We requested English audio and mandarin subtitles. Opening hours are 8am -5 pm daily. It is best not go near there when typhoon is near, the waves and winds are quite scary.

Pictures of the rock formation can be seen here:

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